Cyber-Security Courses In FLIT.

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Advanced Diploma Cyber Defense

Duration : 6 months

Certified Penetration Testing Expert

Duration : 6 months

Advanced Cyber-Security Expert

Duration : 6 months

Cyber-Security Professional Expert

Duration : 6 months

Cybersecurity Analyst

Duration : 6 months

Certified Penetration Tester

Duration : 6 months

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Our Cybersecurity Services

We offer end-to-end risk & compliance consulting services for your business.

Steer clear of any possibilities of a vulnerability in your system or infrastructure and save money and time for your business.

Train your in-house team of developers to create zero-vulnerability code and 2x the security of your data faster.

Eliminate the risks of various cyber attacks like data breaches, hacking, unauthorized access, etc by hardening your server and reading the attack surface, and run your business hassle-free.


At FLIT, our team knows various cybersecurity compliances like the back of their hands, which will help you build a rock-solid security for your business.

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Advanced and Updated Virtual Infrastructure

Access to On Demand Video Contents.

Module Wise Assessments

Measure your progress on key Cybersecurity Technologies

Practical Exercises

Module wise Practical Assessments to validate your skill.

Career Support

Access to Our Team Career Hacking program.

Advantages of Compliance Consulting

  • Avoid penalties or fines for noncompliance.
  • Accelerate your compliance system.
  • Enhanced business effectiveness
  • Be audit ready.
  • Better data management
  • Enhanced data security
  • Better access controls
  • Greater accountability
  • Implementation of best practices for compliance
  • Establish a solid reputation and boost customer confidence.

Advantages of Compliance Consulting

Protecting one’s organisation from the threat of cyberattacks has assumed utmost importance as cybercriminals become more inventive in their attack methods and scope. Phishing, ransomware, DNS spoofing, and other mischievous activities can cause severe harm to individuals and organizations. To combat these threats, governments and other regulatory authorities frequently issue new regulations. Cyber security compliance regulations are becoming increasingly stringent in the country. It can be challenging for organizations to comply with regulations that change frequently regardless of their industry or location. A competent cybersecurity strategic consultancy can aid in compliance maintenance.

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